May, 2011

Global branding and a royal wedding

In the past two days I have been researching on the global branding strategy of the Crown in the United Kingdom and those of small firms that have sucessfully used the royal wedding as a global branding tool.
For those interested in the subject of global branding for sucessful business I have put together this seleccion of materials that I will not comment in full, but I may answer your comments to the post if interested on in depth details and analysis.
The more interesting documents I have encounter are the pictures in Flickr. Since they are crowsourced documents tagged with the words royal wedding, the results are amazing and some explamples of carefull branding may be well reported and studied here. I also founded very interesting the wide differences reporting on the wedding from different parts of the world. I checked the north of Europe, Asia and Latinamerica specially.

Besides this, I recommend you to watch the Lego iniciative, and from a comparative perspective of weddings and global impact I also recommend you this beutiful piece in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam. Princess Máxima and Prince Willem-Alexander wedding.

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