October, 2012

Elecciones presidenciales en los Estados Unidos 2012

Desde el 21 de octubre de 2012 tendré la oportunidad de vivir en directo las elecciones presidenciales de los Estados Unidos. La oportunidad me la brinda @USembassymadrid Creo que mi trabajo siete años como voluntaria en la Asociación de ex-becarios Fulbright, como parte de la Junta y de algunas Comisiones ha sevido para que me conozcan y para que decidan invitarme. Viajo a Washington con cuatro talentos, algunos de ellos jóvenes políticos: Juan Manuel y Luis. En la Embajada estamos coordinados por @aslevia que se ha encargado de que la organización hasta la fecha sea impecable.

El programa, que puede estar sujeto a algún cambio, es muy ambicioso. Vamos a vivir la semana inténsamente. Incluye encuentros con especialistas, con políticos, jóvenes políticos voluntarios, organizaciones no gubernamentales especializadas en activar a la sociedad civil… y vamos a ver a Obama en un mítin en Tampa!

Estados Unidos desde estos últimos puntos de vista es algo insólito para una española.

Os dejo la agenda completa al pie, y si estais interesados que centre mis reportajes en alguna parte específica, dejadme vuestras sugerencias en los comentarios ¿Algúna curiosidad o interés especial?

Siete días en Washinton y Florida (Tampa):

I. Washington, D.C. (Sunday, October 21 – Wednesday, October 24, 2012)
Theme: Introduction to 2012 U.S. Presidential Election. The Media, The Global Economy, and the Elections. Monday, October, 22 – Wednesday, October 24

Federalism Overview/Overview of U.S. Presidential Election Process (with emphasis on understanding the Electoral College) – Professor Jeremy Mayer of George Mason University will be invited to provide the participants with an overview of federalism, the United State federal government structure, separation of powers, and political processes. The discussion will also include the relationship between the federal government and the states.

The Economist – In a meeting with an editor or journalist from The Economist participants will have an opportunity to discuss multiple topics including the publications coverage of global economic challenges focusing on the United States and Europe, how these challenges are impacting the 2012 Presidential election, and the role of the media in general in covering important issues during the election. The meeting will be requested with Mr. Edward McBride, Washington Bureau Chief or Mr. David Rennie, Lexington Columnist. This video, prepared by AFP and published by The Economist overviews these issues.

New Organizing Institute (NOI) – Mr. Carlos Odio, Director of Special Projects at NOI, or one of his colleagues will be asked to invite some of his colleagues to meet with the group to discuss the role of citizens as organizers and agents of change and how they can and do impact elections, including the tools that NOI supplies to do help them do so. He will also be asked to focus on the increased use of social media as a tool for community organizing during elections as well as the role of youth during the election season, and reaching out to the Hispanic voters in the 2012 election. NOI is a community of organizers committed to solving the biggest challenges that stand in the way of change. Their basic belief is that if people have the skills to engage others, the tools to build powerful campaigns, and a community of practice to help them learn and grow, they can win real change, make measurable improvements in people’s lives, and restore faith in the government and democracy. They train organizers to build and manage effective movements by integrating tried-and-true community organizing, cutting-edge digital strategy, and data-driven decision making. They provide free access to revolutionary tools, technologies, and research to help campaigns reach the next level, and build a community of practice that connects organizers across issues, creating a more integrated, more diverse, and more dynamic movement for change.

Georgetown University – To engage with young political leaders and observe the enthusiasm on a major U.S. college campus in the nation’s capital, participants will spend time at Georgetown University where representatives of the College Republicans and the College Democrats will dialogue with them about their efforts to support their respective parties, and how they are encouraging the youth vote and participation in the political process. This is an excellent opportunity for us to discuss the uses of social media in elections, what issues are of most concern to young voters, and volunteerism and political activism among young voters in the United States. Finally, for an academic perspective on the elections, faculty representatives who work with the College Republicans and the College Democrats will be asked to join the discussions at some point.

Alexandria Democratic Committee – This committee will be requested to assist with arrangements for a visit to the Obama for Re-Election Campaign Headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. This will include discussions with key campaign staff available, to discuss the operations of the campaign as well as issues such as media relations for the campaign, volunteerism in the campaign, the use of social media, outreach to targeted populations, and other relevant topics. We will request a brief discussion with the Vice Chair for Communications, Mr. Elvis Cordova, or another key member of the campaign staff.

Alexandria Republic City Committee – to assist with arrangements for a visit to the Romney for President Campaign Headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. This will include discussions with key campaign staff available, to discuss the operations of the campaign as well as issues such as media relations for the campaign, volunteerism in the campaign, the use of social media, outreach to targeted populations, and other relevant topics. We will request a brief discussion with Ms. Anne LeHuray, Chair of the Outreach Committee.

Wednesday, October 24
II. Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg, Florida (Wednesday, October 24 – Sunday, October 28, 2012)

Theme: Elections Process and Issues in a battleground State
Many people would argue that the road to the White House runs through Florida, which happens to be the largest swing state in the country. For example, with the exception of the 1960 and 1992 races, ever since 1928 the winner of Florida won the White House. With 11.2 million registered voters and 29 electoral votes this November, whichever candidate wins Florida has an easier path to victory. Therefore, a program focused on the U.S. elections will be greatly enhanced by a visit to this important swing state. For this reason, we will spend several days in the state, and particularly in the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg, Florida area. For Spaniards Tampa has a special meaning, since it was a embarquement point for the American troops departing for the Cuban War in the XIX century.

In Florida we will focus on the themes above, in meetings and discussions with the following (or similar) list of resources:

B. Thursday, October 25 – Friday, October 26

Honorable E.J. Salcines
, Senior Judge, District Court of Appeal, Second District – In this discussion the participants will receive an overview of the election process in the State of Florida and have a candid discussion about the state’s role in the overall U.S. political system. This will include a review of the 2000 Presidential election in Florida, the results of which were well publicized across the world and which created numerous debates around the election system in the United States. Besides his duties as a Senior Judge, he is also an adjunct professor of law at Stetson University College of Law.

He lectures in Spanish on American law and the American court system in Spanish-speaking countries. In 2008 he received the “Champion of Justice Award” from the Tampa Bay Trial Lawyers Association, and the “Good Government Award” was presented to him by the Board of County Commissioners from Hillsborough County who annually awards the “E. J. Salcines Lifetime Leadership Award” to outstanding leaders in the community. He is also a member of the Knight of the Royal Order of Queen Isabella, Spain and Former Honorary Vice Consul of Spain for the Central West Coast of Florida.

Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Office – To help participants better understand the technical aspects of the U.S. election system, and specifically the process of voting, collecting, and tallying votes, a meeting with the County Supervisor of Elections Office will be arranged.

Former Governor Charlie Christ – To provide a unique perspective on the U.S. Presidential election, as well as the role of local and state elections and how they impact and are impacted by the Presidential elections, Governor Christ will be requested to meet with the participants. Governor Christ was also a U.S. Senate candidate and recently spoke at the Democratic National Convention, and has over 25 years of political experience which he will be able to share with the participants to help them gain a better grasp on the complex U.S. political and election systems.

Florida Campaign Headquarters of Romney for President
– Here, participants will have an opportunity to speak with key campaign staff and local volunteers about the organization of the state’s efforts to elect Governor Mitt Romney as President of the United States. This will include discussions on organizing techniques, the role of social media in the campaign, outreach to rural areas, volunteer mobilization, and some of the key differences between Governor Romney’s plan and that of President Obama.

Tampa Campaign Office for Obama for America
– Participants will also visit the Tampa Campaign Headquarters of the reelection campaign for President Barack Obama –see their work in Facebook. Similar to their visit to the Romney for President headquarters, there time at the Obama campaign office will include discussions with key campaign staff and local volunteers on organizing techniques, the role of social media in the campaign, outreach to rural areas, volunteer mobilization, and some of the key differences between President Obama’s and Governor Romney’s visions for the United States of America.

Mr. Peter Schorsch, Professional Blogger – In this meeting, participants will be able to discuss the role of bloggers and other media professionals in informing the public on the elections and raising key issues that are of concern to the public. Mr. Schorsch will also invite some of his fellow bloggers to join the discussion to provide multiple perspectives. Mr. Schorsch is President, Extensive Enterprises Online, LLC and Executive Editor, stpetersblog.com. Mr. Schorsch launched a private firm to provide clients with a success-oriented, diverse team of artistic, media and government affairs experts. He offers expertise on complex issues for clients facing challenges on a variety of governmental and public affairs levels. As his firm’s principal, his responsibilities include client development and servicing, creative direction and internal operations. Mr. Schorsch’s firm specializes in the conception and execution of strategies involving direct mail, collaterals and online media.

Ms. Amy Rettig, the Nielsen Company – Ms. Rettig or one of her colleagues will be asked to discuss the 21012 election’s media measurements in the online and digital age. A tour of the Nielsen campus will also be included. The Nielsen Company is a global information and media company with leading market positions in marketing and consumer information, television and other media measurement, online intelligence, mobile measurement, trade shows and business publications (Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, Adweek).

Saturday, October 27

Opportunity to attend a local campaign rally in the community or on one of the local college campuses.

Excitante ¿verdad?
Pues sigue nuestras huellas en @olgag y a través de www.TicWisdom.es!!!

Se me ocurre que me encantaría haber llevado de fotógrafo acompañándome a @victorianoi ¿porqué? qué fotos hace este jóven estudiante de UC3M!. Me voy a guardar la idea para la proxima oportunidad que surja. Tal vez si lo sugiero hasta me dan un sí. Por el momento, invitados especiales son mis alumnos en las universidades Autónoma de Madrid y Carlos III, a quienes dedico el viaje y a quienes invito a estar en contacto a través de la web.

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