Manuel Castells Holberg Lecture on Power, State, Development, Freedom and Democracy.

In 14th November a nation wide strike has been called upon in Spain. We are dropping the meetings with firms that we had that day in the capital, Madrid, and preparing alternative classes to cover our due work with students.

For student purposes, we will be working on the programm as usual, tapping into issues having to do with State, develpement and democracy.. We will also cover issues having to do with power and freedom -as related to development. We will do so by listening to this video where sociologist and political economist Manuel Castells covers these issues when receiving what is know as the Nobel prize for the humanities: the Holberg Prize 2012. This is the video, and following it, you might find the questions we will be addressing:

Please prepare answers to these questions, addressed by Manuel Castells in his speech. Try to answer in three lines maximum each of the questions –maximun one printed page. Bring the page to the next class for discussion and to hand out to the professor:

1. What role does the State play, according to Castells?
2. How does Castells defines power?
3. How do Castells defines globalization?
4. Is globalization as we know it a choice, according to professor Castells perspective?
5. What does Castells means by the concept mass self communication?
6. How do you explain the concept of swinching power used by Castells?
7. Are social movements free under Manuel Castells view and why?
8. How are communities created in society according to Pr. Castells?
9. How many current crisis idetifies Castells? Please, name them.
10. What is the level of trust in governemnts, political parties and politicians in countries nowadays, according to Castells? Does he names any exception?
11. What does fatigue democracy means for Pr. Castells?
12. How would you explain the public policies aimed at facing the crisis worldwide?
13. What is your subject fo research and what may you apply from Castells approach to your particular research? Any insight?

You are kindly invited to leave comments here on the video, the 14M strike, power and the State, and links to intersting materials related to all these themes in a civilized manner.

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