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TicWisdom #open #data project

We have set up a new enterprise based on open data. It will be presented in the following months in an international congress which has already invited us to attend. The idea comes from a trip I made to wide my sight in May 2010. The project had the help of @jeancharles and the inspiration of @piscitelli. Last week we got new sponsors, and opened up a discussion upon on the model to build it under open data premises. We got a new brand name, TicWisdom, out of democratic choice among the founder team.

As Negroponte did, we find innovation sexy and enlightening.  This is taking us more than expected because we are discovering and amazed by the fact that people might like to capture and own words just for the pleasure of others not to use them. We suggest policy action should be taken to avoid market ineficciencies based on a non use of an scarce resource such as the unused names of web sites. You find us at and @ticwisdom. New documentation on the project will be shared by the end of april 2011 at TicWisdom Slideshare.

This project is inspired by #websci10 Congress

Where Tim Berners-Lee presented the results of his work on open data in Raleigh, North Carolina in May 2010. And as such, we do not mind sharing our data, managed by @jeancharles. It is also inspired by seminars held at FutureWeb Congress, conducted by Lee Rainie and Danna Boyd. It is also rooted on the work and models several experts, professors and business men have work on: Scott Bradner, Eric Fink, Nathaniel James, Joe Karaganis, David S. Levine, Carl Malamud, Rupert Murdoch, Haib Sabam, Caroline Wilson -I had the occassion to talk or listen to in the east coast- as well as talks with Alejandro Pisanty and the Spanish lawyers Pedro J. Canut and Ignacio Herreros. Whitout their inspiration this enterprise in the making would not had been possible.

The values underlying the firm are for the most part still unknown

And if so, not shared in most of the old world economies, formerly known as developed economies; as I explain in an article commanded by Economia Exterior and published in August 2010.

This is a non for profit initiative

The business model is based on #crowdsourcing #open #data #crowdfounding, and -since I am involved a anothe very big tech/contents proyect those cove my  dollar side 😉

I Invite you to see it

and forward it to whoever you might think is interested soon when the team has voted on the new name and the whole renewed concept: You may also click here at the end of april for new updates and detailed documentation.

Who we are

The team involves over 30 people now, working in a non for profit basis and two of them with a 300 euros allowance a month- and three business sponsors from march 23th -and growing- At the moment there are two being Lawyer Firms, specialized on Internet law settlements and the other being Amelia Partners, focused on sports and marketing, with base in China, Miami and Spain. Thank you for your support, please do help us to go global and accesible :-) You might write me if you are interested in funding or details from april 2011.

We are not in a rush, and we are not looking for money.
Thank you for sharing your comments and ideas with us down here.

I also want to acknowledge the work of people and institutions that are on the avan garde of the new economy today… the list follows: (more…)

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