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Frenazo en la adopción de banda ancha en Estados Unidos según Pew Institute

El crecimiento del acceso a banda ancha se ha ralentizado de forma importante en Estados Unidos en 2010, según los últimos datos publicados por Pew Internet Institute. La única excepción, los estadounidenses de raza negra. Según lo súltimos datos el 66% de los estadounidenses disponen de acceso a conexión de alta velocidad, frente a un 63% en 2009.

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On Cloud Computing, Video Online, Community Issues and Online Reputation

I attended Future Web Congress in Raleigh, N.C. in May 2010, and I had the occasion to met Lee Rainie, the Director of the Pew Institute. He has been kind to send me information on the last studies published by Pew Institute.

The first one analyses the future of cloud computing, reporting extensively on the views of the experts that cloud functions will be replacing desktop functions, especially as smart phones and other portable devices proliferate. The report covers the thoughts of many, thinking that in the coming decade there will be a hybrid desktop-cloud computing model where some functions remain on desktops and some migrate to the cloud for most users. It also covers a range of their concerns about the cloud, including: concerns tied to the availability of broadband spectrum, the ability of diverse systems to work together, security vulnerabilities, privacy sensitivities, and issues of quality of service for all the devices that will connect to the cloud.

There is another report on how people use the internet to stay in touch with their neighbors on community issues, which I founded specially interesting for civil society.

Interesting as well the report on state of online video.

And last, a real jewell, how people manage their reputations online.

Read though them, and I invite you to open the discussion on the issues covered. I look forward to read your views.

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